Tom Egan

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From a young age I have been passionate about understanding the world around me at a deep level. I observed how the chain on my bike worked with the sprockets, how water moved sediment in the stream and sound reflected through my school. I read a lot. I learned from embarrassing mistakes, like confusing hay for straw. In short I became a geek.

Like many, my first encounters with technology were not particularly positive. Indeed my frustration with Oregon Trail and Appleworks (for the Apple II) turned me off to computing for a while. However, I discovered this new fangled internet thing during college orientation and realized the potential in the technology for communicating with friends, sharing information and finding meaning in information.

I have been working with the web ever since. I have built systems to track rentals, made multi-laboratory standardization test data publicly available, and enabled data processing for the internet of things (IoT). Using web technologies, I have built systems that run on the desktop, the data center and the cloud. Along the way, I have learned that the new fangled needs to be taken with a grain of salt and that simple is usually better.

Today, I use my passion for understanding to design and implement solutions using web technologies. Contact me today to set up a consultation.

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